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We'll print your message onto a greeting card and send it to a staff member who really needs to hear that their perseverance matters!

It's been a tragic year in Haiti but the men and women of St. Damien Pediatric Hospital are surviving. Everyday brings new dangers but they courageously show up to work each day because they are committed to caring for sick children in their community. Please tell them that you notice and support them. Your support may be what gets them through the next few days. We need 563 messages so that each staff member will get a unique card of encouragement!

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Thank you for supporting the heroes at St. Damien! Feel free to send multiple messages. If you wish to support the medical care use the DONATE button below.

What others have written:

"Dear Medical Provider, Please know that so many people are concerned about you and have great respect for the help you provide to the children of Haiti. Your dedication brings both essential medical care and hope to Haitian families during such difficult times. I pray God will provide you additional strength and courage to continue this important work during the ongoing humanitarian and political crises, including the aftermath of natural disasters. Many people in the United States send support and love to you and others at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital. You are a true hero in the eyes of the world."
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