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- Wound Care

- Code blue simulation

- Intubation simulation

- Procedural Simulation

- Splinting 

Protocols and Order Sets:

- Hospital-wide protocol manual

- Malnutrition order set

- Pneumonia order set

- Discharge Criteria Project

Educational Activities: 

- Intern orientation activities

- Case-based learning program

- Endocrinology education program

- Cardiology education program

- Critical Care education program

- Hematology education program

- Neurology education program

- ICU vocational training teamprogram

- Point-of-care ultrasound training and handbooks

Quality Improvement/Research:

- Review of HIV training program

- Microbiology lab review and recommendations

- Review of order set utilization and outcomes

- ICU Vocational training team

- Hydroxyurea in sickle cell disease feasibility study

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