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Discharge Criteria Project


(from MSF)

  • transitioned to oral rehydration solution (ORS) for at least six hours

  • no signs of dehydration

  • less than 3 liquid stools in past six hours

  • advise the family to come back for vomiting, diarrhea worsening, or patient is eating or drinking poorly

  • discharge patient with two days of ORS

    • less than 24 months ​= 500 mL/day

    • 2-9 years = 1 L per day

    • 10+ years = 2L per day

Source: MSF 2004

(from WHO Hospital Care for Children chapter on diarrhea)

  • Switch to ORS when no signs of dehdration

  • Observe the child for at least 6 hours before discharge, to confirm that the mother is able to maintain the child’s hydration by giving ORS solution.

  • When severe dehydration is corrected, prescribe zinc for 10-14 days

  • Teach the mother four rules of home treatment 

    • Give extra fluid

    • Give zinc supplements

    • Continue feeding

    • When to return​:  — drinking poorly or unable to drink or breastfeed — becomes more sick — develops a fever — has blood in the stool

Source:  WHO Hospital Care for Children  page 117

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